Star Glory (2004 Summer Version)

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Now we will reflect once that we were humiliated.
Before we had attained our victory,
An unexpected intrusion blocked our way.
That day, when our long-held dreams collapsed.

Since then for 5,000 years,
We have endured our journey in darkness and...
Once again we have returned.
It's our chance to fulfill our greatest wish.

Our era will come!
We will make the Silver Crystal ours.
Shining in the solar system, that is...
...a befitting star glory for Coatl.
Star Glory!

The feelings in my heart are starting to turn to hatred.
The creation of this dark universe...
The miraculous comet that disturbed the stars...
On that day, she sacrificed herself. "Whilst injured."
The Princess Moon saved Earth.
There is but one detestable enemy...
...who smashed our dream of becoming a planet.
"I'll definitely defeat her!"
And give no yield. Princess Moon.
"Me! I will become a planet!"
A shining, blue planet.
"Now, the order of the solar system is changing."
Be puzzled. Princess Moon
Goddess of stars who I continued to yearn for!

The era when we shall shine will come!
Carrying the Silver Crystal in our hands.
When we will reign over the other planets.
Coatl will be immortal.
Star Glory!
Star Glory!
Star Glory!

Translated by Aniko & Craig
@ #junketsu-no-narcism on irc.chatsociety.net

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