Sailor WAR!

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Before that black shadow spreads,
We must do it quickly or we'll run out of time.
We don't want to see the end of Earth, so...
We've decided in our hearts that it's time to fight.

With flames of hatred, our enemies are serious as well.
If we don't risk our lives, we'll never be victorious.
We don't want to go, but... We don't want to die, but...
We won't forgive brutal cruelty.

It's the vow of the soldiers to change it into light.
We must make the hearts of everyone earnest.
Our dreams and our memories are also unfinished, but...
We understand the future has arrived, so...

We will protect the people we love with our hands.
Raise your eyes! It's time to fight!
Raise your eyes! It's time to fight!
Sailor War! Sailor War!

Translated by Aniko & Craig
@ #junketsu-no-narcism on irc.chatsociety.net

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