The Female Pirate's Strategy (2004 Summer Version)

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It seems like our chance has come!
We dress ourselves smartly as pirates.
We cut through the waves and are diverted by the wind.
Holding our breath, we continued to lie in wait...
...for 5,000 years because of this day.

Our comrades are sleeping deep within the ground.
The time when you could awaken came very soon.
People of Earth, who covet our world,
Shall we take back this planet?
Its righteous owner is... Yeah! Here!

The Silver Crystal of that young girl...
Plasman is aiming his bloodshot eyes towards it.
We can discern what Coatl's plans are.
Let's grab the chance and seize it.

Our comrades are sleeping deep in the depths of the earth.
The time when you can awaken has come, so rejoice!
We must invite them to that ship.
Do it reluctantly while they are on the island.
The sea is our family's... Yeah! Territory!
The sea is the pirate's... Yeah! Battlefield!

Translated by Aniko & Craig
@ #junketsu-no-narcism on irc.chatsociety.net

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