Moonlight Justice
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Moon Twilight.
If the noise of the moon dwelt in my heart...
Moonlight justice. This light...
...will reach life.
The world collapses from the devastating wind.
We won't give up even if time has stopped.
Place the whistle of an angel upon my finger.
I'll send the living tomorrow.

Day and night. Resonating with each other,
Day and night. The people who aren't invited...
Hold over your head your claw of anger.
Were you born with only hatred?

Planet twilight.
If the noise of a planet resounds in my heart...
Within me,
Star knight justice. This light...
Believe in my courage.
...if it reaches life.
At any time, yes, at any time.
My dream is myself.

I'll give a shock!
Feel so justice!

Translated by Aniko & Craig
@ #junketsu-no-narcism on

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