An Earnest Light - The Appearance of Ambition (2004 Summer Version)

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How many times will you repeat this until you understand?
That hatred is eternally unproductive.

There is the will to embrace dreams...
And unreasonable desires.
In which direction will the future shine towards?
Now is the time that you must make sure,

By cleansing your heart.
There should be more smiling than hatred.
There should be more understanding than war.
Don't engage in foolish conflicts.
Because everyone is a child of love and a mother of love.

Nobody can interrupt me.
Earth is in my sights now.
It is within such a distance that I could grab hold of it.
What I'm aiming for alone is, oh, just...
...the Silver Crystal exclusively!

Translated by Aniko & Craig
@ #junketsu-no-narcism on irc.chatsociety.net

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