Dream Dreams Are Big

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What am I supposed to do now, I wonder?
Somehow, I feel a great weight on my chest
It's not clear, I want to study, but...
...this is also the #1 time to have fun

"I can't get excited."

Anxiety, excitement, fears, hopes
In this same spot... I keep spinning around and around in this one spot
I want to hurry and become an adult
But I want to stay a young girl
I want to visit foreign places
But I want to be with everyone, too
I want to know! I want to experience my own power!

"I want to test myself!"

My heart is a blank slate
Now I feel my ideals and dreams...
...are almost in reach

I'm sorry I just jumped into the conversation
The volleyball national team...
On a foreign campaign, the new member picked...
...was me, amazing, right?!


Actually, I feel like that, too
I'd like to train in Tibet
But, I also want to continue my music
I won't give up on being a Hit Maker!


Dream dream dream
Plans and dreams. They're big, aren't dreams big?
Dream dream dream
And of course, love too. It's beautiful, isn't love beautiful?

Now it's my turn!
Right now, of the world, I want to see Asia!
So that I can learn new cuisines, I'm going to China!
Fighting all the time, that won't be me!


I've heard what everyone has had to say
My worries have disappeared - I'm studying abroad in Germany!
My heart's desire is to study medicine
I've decided to depart next week!


Dream dream dream
The dreams of the future. Dreams of teens are large, aren't they?
Dream dream dream
Dreams of the future - love or work, whichever!

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