Dead Moon̍
Dead Moon's Black Dream

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"The world is vast... And humans are..."

Like the many stars in the sky
On the Earth
Humans have crowded themselves
When born, everyone has...
...a beautiful dream
As time passes, one loses sight of it
Someday, one has no dreams, no hope
Just a vacant heart

"That's why we have to check everyone!
Beacuse owners of beautiful dreams are very rare!"

We've found it! We've surely found it this time!

Don't give up

On our black dream

"Pegasus, come to us!"

"Pegasus, come to us!"

The one who will control the kingdom of light is... (Zirconia, Zirconia)
The one who will manipulate Pegasus is... (Zirconia, Zirconia)
The glittering light if contested with...
..the darkness and shadow is vague (Zirconia, Zirconia)
We're always trailing behind the light

We are the kingdom of darkness (Dead Moon)
It is our turn to take the place of light! (Zirconia, Zirconia)

We are the family of shadows (Dead Moon)
We have the magic to become this world's ruler! (Zirconia, Zirconia)

Search for Pegasus!

Look for humans with beautiful dreams!
Peek into hearts with beautiful dreams!
Pegasus! Pegasus!

Translated by CruelAngel Productions
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