Chasin' After You
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Chasin' after you, Wishing to chase
That fragrance of yours...
...can't be stolen by anyone
A fragrant fate.

Memories are miniscule
Deeply in my heart, It's ingrained
Incessantly, It stirs up... love. Crazy me!

As the shooting star falls through the night sky,
On its last moment,
We will struggle to arrive to you
We earnestly swear
Shoutin' for my love
Shoutin' for your love

Chasin' after you, crossing infinity,
To look for your fragrance
No matter where the fragrance is hidden,
It can't be hidden completely

In my arms, I hold you
Hold you in my arms, just this thing,
While picturing it, while wishing it,
I look up at the starry night!

To my call.
Can't You Answer? We don't have the means
I want you to wait like that
And we'll definitely be able to meet
Shoutin' for my love
Shoutin' for your love

Translated by Aniko & Craig
@ #junketsu-no-narcism on

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