By Heaven! Only God Knows!

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By Heaven! The sacred people
By Heaven! The resisting knight

It's rocked by the shining sea
It's blown by the green winds
So that the Earth doesn't rot,
People have been wishing for eternal happiness.

Without resting and without sinking,
There is somebody watching.
During a morning of prayers and a night of ideas,
The jealous moon is observing.
The jealous moon is evolving.

On the scales of the sky which fell,
people knew that this ground is bound to the chain of the moon.

By Heaven! The target that must be destroyed is...
By Heaven! The Moon Castle
By Heaven! We are pure...
By Heaven! ...and glittering stones.

We, the Shitennou, don't know anything...
...more righteous than the eternity of
the Earth Kingdom, we don't know.

By Heaven! Only God knows!
By Heaven! Heaven knows!
Your fate...
By Heaven! Heaven Knows!
By Heaven! Heaven Knows!
Only God knows!

Translated by Aniko & Craig
@ #junketsu-no-narcism on irc.chatsociety.net

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