Secret of the Rose

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A crimson rose is the weapon of a burning heart
It'll reach into your heart... Miracle Telepathy

What a handsome guy!

The scent of a rose is the secret behind a far away memory
I'll make you remember that day of Destiny

Somehow... I know... this scent... why?
I'm sure of it... but from where?

The flower petals fly in confusion
Binding the magic powers of evil

What? We've gone numb!

Obstinate ugliness will...
...be made beautiful

Enchanting, enchanting

A crimson rose, if showered upon, anyone...
...would find themselves intoxicated by the sweet poison. Romeo and Juliet

Numb... Numb...

Invite the fragrance of love in
Keep it in your body and heart, dance, dance
Everyone dance. Become as a rose, dance, dance!

Translated by CruelAngel Productions
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